About Us

Birchwood Public Montessori

The Birchwood Public Montessori (BPM) is a child-focused environment built on the Montessori philosophy that understands, supports, and honors the child as an individual. BPM is open to students in grades Pre-K through 6th grade and is a part of the Birchwood Public School.

Montessori Methods & Philosophy

A Montessori education exposes children to a highly prepared environment that fosters inner discipline and sparks innate curiosity and motivation to learn.  These patterns of concentration and attention to detail, especially when established early, produce confident, competent life-long learners.

The Montessori curriculum allows children to work individually and in small groups, and progress at their own pace in a non-competitive environment. The teacher prepares the environment, directs activity, and presents stimulating lessons to the children.  Within this rich environment, each child takes initiative and is driven to academic accomplishment.

Within the dynamic Montessori curriculum, lessons emphasize creative problem solving, critical thinking and creativity.  Through Montessori education the child builds character, gains a sense of social and global responsibility, and develops inner discipline.