Educational Partners

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Educational Partners

Our Educational Partners help the Birchwood Public Montessori provide numerous learning opportunities for our students.  If you are interested in becoming an Educational Partner, please check out our volunteer page to let us know!  Below are some of the Educational Partnerships we have had in our classrooms!

Birchwood Charter Schools Governance Board: The Governance Board provides educational and monetary support for our Montessori students.  This allows our students access to numerous learning opportunities, field trips, and other experiences.  

Birchwood Educational Foundation:
The Educational Foundation helps to "strengthen community participation in our school and provide financial support for innovative educational programs and creative projects that inspire both teachers and students to achieve educational excellence."  

School Forest/Futurewood Corp: The Birchwood School District and Futurewood Corp. have been working together for the last 20 years, giving the school access to the School Forest.  Montessori students are able to utilize the school forest in numerous ways, providing an excellent learning opportunity for our students.

Innovative Schools Network:
The Innovative Schools Network (ISN) supports the establishment and growth of high quality, research-based innovative schools by providing professional training and guidance, and ensuring that educators can easily collaborate, connect, and learn from one another.

Community Organizations/Businesses: Numerous professionals from area businesses share their knowledge and expertise with our students to give them an idea of different careers and learning opportunities.  Some of these Community Partners include: Hover Farms and Greener's Budget Lumber.